A Note of Thanks


2015 wrapped up several days ago though I could’ve sworn we were celebrating that years January 1st.

A polar vortex swirled over Brooklyn and most of the East Coast when I started writing about a Galápagos trip retracing Darwin’s journey. One thing led to another, and conversations from that experience prompted interviews of friends undergoing their version of inspired travels, to strangers introduced by word of mouth.

At times I’d no idea what I was doing and braced myself for setbacks and rejections. What I wasn’t prepared for in this experience were the generosity of people’s time, as they allowed me into their lives, openly sharing themselves and the contents of their luggage for Natural Selection. It’s been incredibly humbling.

In the process I reconnected with friends and people who pitched in, turning this blog into a reality. Career-wise, I’ve consulted with really great companies, both challenging and exhilarating. Thank you to the three readers who’ve stuck by and read along as I juggle this new normal–you’ve no idea how encouraging your support is!

Polymath Esther Dyson once said, “Always make new mistakes.” Why make the same mistakes when creating new ones engender the most growth? For what is evolution but the gradual development of something simple into one of complexity?

Happy 2016! Enjoy the failures!




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