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Some updates and exciting news after a brief hiatus!

I started a full-time gig consulting for a venerable New York brand and will be doing so in the next few months. Aside from acclimating to the culture and recent news of its founder stepping down, I’ve been preparing for one of two consecutive lines market openings. It’s been a ride integrating work and life with Natural Selection.

The website is also in the midst of change. What started as a fun project documenting a transformative Galápagos trip (and extolling the merits of solo travel!) has evolved past it’s initial intent. Having been landlocked since (aside from the occasional family trip), I’ve come to realize that what I’m most passionate and qualified to write about are my experiences in fashion. Much is written from the industry movers and shakers point of view, but few from a working journeywoman’s perspective.

In coming to terms with this new normal, I’ve learned to accept the writing will happen between the creative storms. Working with a team of mothers, who leave their beautiful babies behind to work has allowed me to see my notion of creative struggle as romanticized—they carve out time from their hour-long commutes to come in, work efficiently and leave it behind, tucking their children into bed when they return. Wouldn’t my “baby” be the same?

As a result, you’ll see the online reflection, becoming more focused, from the titles and headers to the content. I’ve also shot a bunch of creative artists for the website. While they’re being sorted and cleaned up with edits I absolutely can’t wait to share with you in the next few weeks of what’s in their bag!

The creative journey never stops!

Wishing you loads of inspiration,


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