In the Bag: Fernando Martin Diez-Cabeza


Since as long as I’ve known Fernando Martin Diez-Cabeza, he’s in the middle of creation. Never without a pen or brush in hand, Fernando’s always jotting his ideas down and painting — a particular passion of his — when not designing for brands like Escada and Ports 1961. His portraits, in the style of John Singer Sargent and Diego Velazquez, celebrate the individual at their most regal.

What was the first trip that you took that changed your life? Rome, Italy.

How was this trip inspirational to you? Because it’s Rome! It was the first time I traveled by myself and fell in love. It was more than a trip, it was a movement. I was a 21 year-old student in the fine arts and culturally immersed myself.

What type of trip are we talking about today? Business. I design for Adriana Papell and spent ten days in Shanghai, China developing their Summer 2016 collection.

Any travel buddies? Me, myself and I.

Local weather is like… Not hot, not cool. No polluted skies, just perfect spring days in the Fall.

What’s the packing strategy? Roll everything into burritos and pack less bottoms with two-to-three times the amount of tops.

How many bags and suitcases? One soft leather bag of my design (for Andrew Marc), and a canvas tote.

FDSL luggage

Smile, solo travel’s fun!

Are you checking in or carrying on? Carrying on the way there, and checked in on the way back–I purchased a set of shears.

What’s in your carry-on? One pair of shoes, and a change of clothes.


Comfy shoes, four pairs of pants, five shirts, three polos, one pair of swim trunks, bag of clean underwear, one scarf for layering, a belt, wallet, coin purse, eye drops, nail clipper, toothbrush, toothpaste, house keys, shades with case, a box of color pencils (purchased there) notebooks for ideas, and a set for practicing Chinese (I’m learning the language). Not pictured–a women’s top purchased for research.

Before getting on a flight, you… walk around, look at magazines. Once on the plane before takeoff (like Superman) I change into an oversize t-shirt, loose pants and slippers.

Any travel splurges? Massages and pedicures!

Are you a prep packer or last-minute type? I usually pack the night before.

Never leave home without… eye drops, especially in Asia! They make me look awake and feel less messy.

Is there any type of resource you’d wish was out there to make traveling easier? Anything to get rid of nasty employees who service the American airports. They’re the absolute worst, their customer service are not on par with Asia, who treat passengers like royalty.

Have you ever missed a flight? Yes, on my connecting flight to Hong Kong from Germany, there was an accident on the highway, and I didn’t get to the airport on time.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful? Three things I keep in mind. Travel as much as you can, there is much to see and learn. Travel light, and don’t travel with expensive things that will fuck with your trip. And for the compulsive photographers (I’m one of them) go there once to take photos but go again without the camera.

His next painting “The Giant of Macao” will be unveiled 7:00pm on November 4, 2015 at the Russian Orthodox Cathedral of OCA Protection Holy Virgin, in the heart of the village and will be on view thru November 14th.

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