Yvonne Puffer


One finds Yvonne Puffer operating both right brain left brain at any given moment. For starters, she is the financial officer of the venerable D.A.P,

supporting the distributor of art books by balancing theirs, whilst creating, be it through garden landscaping or as an artist, generating artwork of painted chair motifs and most recently of her beloved greyhound, Izzy. She can usually be found with the beloved office mascot not too far away.

What type of trip is it? For pleasure, visiting friends, stepdaughter, looking at art.

Destination? Seattle.

How many days? 6 days.

Any travel buddies?  Sean (husband).

Local weather is like…very mild, in the 60s to low 70s, mostly sunny.

What’s the packing strategy? Bare minimum, with one dressy outfit in case!

How many bags and suitcases? 1 suitcase.


Hello, suitcase.

Are you checking in or carrying on?  Carry on – but forced to check in because of crowded flight. Wanted to carry on because I had my computer in the suitcase and lots of reading material.

What’s in your carry-on? Magazines, snacks.

When you’re in the airport, what do you do?  Hopefully just the TSA precheck so bag and coat on the conveyor belt.  At the terminal, I’ll get newspaper, magazines, water and food.

Before getting on a flight…use the restroom.

Do you have any travel aids?  Lots of water!

Any travel splurges? Magazines.

The book you’re bringing is…David Byrne’s Bicycle Diary, a pile of New Yorker’s to catch up on so I can pass them to my sister!

Are you a prep packer or last-minute type?  Last minute.

Have you ever missed a flight? Yes, and it’s usually because I didn’t leave enough time for possible traffic issues on the way.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful?  Get up and move at least once during a long flight!


Polished red blouse, Dopp kit, dressy patent leather black laptop, loafers, makeup kit with lippies and comb, a bunch of New Yorker magazines, patterned sweater, woven long sleeve T’s, both pattern printed and striped, black turtleneck, printed calf skin pointy slip ons, and steel grey sweater tunic.


Inside the Dopp kit.

Yvonne is currently represented by the Margarete Roeder Gallery, and pieces can be viewed on her website.

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