Darren Seifer

In the Bag is a series of interviews that dive into the streamlined packing habits of travelers we think you should know about.DS10

Darren Seifer is a can do type of guy. When he’s not reporting the latest food and beverage consumption trends to major marketers in the industry through news briefs or taking the stage during speaking engagements, he can also be found in service of the community. He’s been known to bike 500+ miles from Minneapolis to Chicago to fight AIDS, saunter down a runway in the Fighting Leukemia with Fashion event, and is currently the treasurer for his condominium. Resting on his laurels? Not likely!

What type of trip is it? Pleasure.

Destination? West Palm Beach, Florida.

How many days? 4.

Any travel buddies? 1.

Local weather is like… Sunny high around 85F.

What’s the packing strategy? Pack light, use clothing that can be mixed and matched.

How many bags and suitcases? 1 suitcase.


Darren uses a Briggs & Riley suitcase with swivel wheels. Fur courtesy of Jack (his cat).

Are you checking in or carrying on? Carrying on. Bag is not big so checking would only add to time spent at the airport.

What’s in your carry-on? Laptop, pens, antacid, phone charger.


Grooming kit: Brush, chap stick, cotton balls, cotton swabs, dental floss(2), deodorant, hair product (3), immodium, melatonin, sewing kit, razor (2–the pink one is a loan from sister which never made it out of the kit) shaver kit with charger, stool softener, toothbrush, and travel size packets of toothpaste.

When you’re in the airport, what do you do?  Going through Security via TSA PreCheck so I just put the luggage on the rack.  At the terminal, I go to the airline lounge before heading to the gate.

Before getting on a flight, you…have coffee or a snack at the airline lounge.

Any travel splurges? Sometime I use miles to upgrade to first class.

What travel apps or checklists do you use? United App, TripIt.

Are you a prep packer or last-minute type? I usually pack the night before.


Belt, cut-off denim shorts, Dopp kit with a neat detail–a hanger top that can be hung in the closet or nearest shower rod, graphic tee, khakis, polo shirt, shirt, white tees (3 pairs), dressy sandals, shorts (3 pairs), sneaks, socks (6 pairs), and vitamins (3).  Not shown: flip-flops and underwear (6 pairs).

Never leave home without… Passport. You never know when you’ll need a backup ID!

Is there any type of resource you’d wish was out there to make traveling easier? When flying regional jets, they often make you gate check your luggage, which adds time spent at the gate on arrival. It would be great if there was a resource that shows which pieces of luggage will fit in the overhead bins by airplane type.

Any rituals, guilty pleasure, or good luck charms? I always check the safety card and count the number of rows between me and the exit on the plane.

Have you ever missed a flight? Yes, but it was because the first flight was late and I missed the connection.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful? Start preparing for the security line before you get there. Throw out your water bottles, put your metal objects in your bags (including your belt if necessary), have your ID in your hand along with your boarding pass. You and the people behind you will be happy you did it.

See Darren in action August 4-5th in Illinois as a keynote speaker on consumer eating habits for the R&D Applications Seminar.

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