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Michael Selbach is what one would call a Renaissance man. Not content to sit on his laurels enjoying life as a father and husband, this multi-hyphenate ditched his day job as an energy firm engineer for a burgeoning art career, drolly experimenting on three of the five elements (paper, wood, copper and clay) via woodcut printing and tiling, to learning coding whilst building websites from his growing fan base, and somehow finding time gifting friends with homemade chapstick and home roasted coffee beans.

What type of trip is it? Business. But shouldn’t business be fun?

Destination? Miami FL

How many days? 4

Any travel buddies? My wife, my mother and father in-law, my sister in-law and her boyfriend. Said boyfriend does not own a pair of long pants. Is that possible? Most likely that statement is not entirely true.

Local weather is like… 70’s with a chance of a tropical downpour

What’s the packing strategy? Take only essentials. Separate packed items into bags within the bag to keep it all organized and easy to find when needed. It’s better to forget something than to over pack. Once our daughter got on an airplane barefoot. When we arrived we discovered she was completely shoeless. Have you ever tried to buy shoes in Chicago at 11PM? As it happens, shoes are optional in Chicago at 11PM.

How many bags and suitcases? One carry-on – a Timbuk2 Especial Cuatro. Timbuk2 is the name to beat for efficient travel bags.

Bag with gear retouched

One bag to rule them all: Timbuk2 backpack slash knapsack

Are you checking in or carrying on? Carry-on. The line for checking is somewhere north of 7-10 days

Do you use any travels aids? A charged Kindle makes waiting time precious time.

Do you use any travel apps or checklists? Google maps is invaluable everywhere.

The book you’re bringing is… one of half a dozen queued on my Kindle.

Are you a prep packer or last-minute type? I mentally plan, organize subcategory bags ahead of time and do the last pack moments before leaving home.

Never leave home without a handheld, plastic and a passport.

Any rituals or guilty pleasures you do? I make a package of nuts and raisins and try to get to the airport 2 hours early.

Have you ever missed a flight? Of course. Usually the airlines are at fault. Sometimes it’s on me. I used to get to the airport just before boarding closes. See previous question.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful? Consider the comfort of your fellow travelers. Believe me, your comfort is largely dependent on others.


As streamlined as it gets: 3 hand-printed tees from his woodblocks, grey twill slacks, board shorts for the waves, socks (3pairs), calling card, wallet, phone, iPad mini, connection cables organized by binder clip, toiletries with heirloom nail-clippers , home-sewing kit, belt, deodorant with swagger, and shaving kit.

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