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In the Bag is a series of interviews that dive into the packing habits of travelers we think you should know about.

Sarah Myers edited

Taken at BRIC House, Brooklyn

Sarah Myers is one busy gal. With an ear for prose and a 1000 watt smile, she is a force to be reckoned with. Currently the AD of Communications & Engagement at Columbia College Chicago, she is an accomplished dancer who has bridged her love of journalism and dance together and now extols the artistic merits of performances by penning reviews for Chicago Stage Standard. Her energy is infectious–that must be how she finds time to blog charming diatribes and copy edit on the side.

What type of trip is it? Professional and personal. I was traveling on behalf of Columbia College Chicago where I’m a Community Manager of Applicants within Admissions. I did an Admissions presentation at Scholastic in Soho and then spent the rest of the trip visiting with my sister and friend.

Destination? W Hotel in Union Square, NYC

How many days? Five days.

Any travel buddies? Met up with my sister and friend from college, who both live in and around NYC.

Local weather is like… WAY too chilly for late March.

What’s the packing strategy? Stop, drop and roll.

How many bags and suitcases? One medium-sized suitcase and one backpack.


Book, Dark denim jeans, Hairpins, Floral bomber jacket, (2) sweaters for the chill, Mini bag for jewelry and and make-up, Notebook for checklisting, an assorted array of socks, Tiger balm for boo-boos, Two silky tops that can be layered under the sweaters, Twinkle toe loafers, and vitamins.

Are you checking in or carrying on? I checked my bag because I flew Southwest and it’s free!

What’s in your carry-on? Work laptop, power chord, a pair of comfortable flats, eye makeup remover, NARS lip stick, latest Domino magazine

When you’re in the airport, going through Security what do you do? Hope to God I get selected for the Pre-TSA security process, which means I get to keep my shoes on. I also make sure I’m not behind a giant family headed to Disney World.

At the terminal: Maybe grab a glass of wine to calm my travel jitters.

Before getting on a flight, you… Text my husband to say: “Commence Radio Silence” and “I love you.”

Do you use any travels aids? Bottled water, gummy bears and anti-bacterial wipes.

What’s your travel splurge? Magazines!

Do you use any travel apps or checklists? There’s really no method to my madness.

The book you’re bringing is “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess Walter

Are you a prep packer or last-minute type?  I plan it out in my head the week before but don’t usually get around to packing until the night before.


Ready for anything dressy options: Bleach pen (great for stains and clean ups), chewing gum, Clutch, 4 print dresses in various print & pattern scales, hand sanitizer for subway contact, Tunic shirt that can double as dress or top, acid wash denim to mix it up, comfy pointy patent leather flats for walking.

Never leave home without…eye drops, Tiger Balm, Krazy Glue and deodorant. Desperate times call for these particular items.

Any rituals, guilty pleasures, or good luck charms (things to stay sane)? WINE. Also – I play a lot of Plants vs. Zombies.

Is there any type of tool/app/resource you’d wish was out there to make traveling easier? I wish going to the bathroom on the plane was easier… but alas, no app will solve that problem.

Have you ever missed a flight? As a Freshmen in college, I was trying to get home (aka Lincoln, NE) for Thanksgiving. My flight leaving Erie, PA was delayed because of a massive, unexpected blizzard. When we finally arrived at my layover destination (Detroit), I was informed I’d missed my connecting flight. Then, claiming they could get me home if I headed to Memphis first, they sent me on my merry way. I wound up stuck overnight in Memphis, the night before Thanksgiving, without luggage, and had to sleep in my jeans in a strange Holiday Inn where all the “Missed Flight Outcasts” had been sent.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful? Try to keep your bodily fluids under control. No one wants to get sneezed on in an air-pressurized capsule.

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