Victoria Selbach

In the Bag is a series of interviews that dive into the packing habits of travelers we think you should know about.


Few could boast a career as rich and varied as Victoria Selbach’s.  A former design executive who led teams at Loft and Ann Taylor to profitability, Victoria decided to revisit her first love, painting, initially starting with portraits of friends and colleagues as muses, kept going and never looked back. Her nudes are a celebration of women through the female gaze.

Usually found painting at studio Mille Fleurs, Victoria’s work has been covered by The Huffington Post and she recently curated “Artist’s Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century” exhibition to acclaim.

What type of trip is it?  Attending the PoetsArtists magazine opening reception for “The Artists Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century” at Sirona Fine Art.

Destination?  Miami, Florida

How many days?  4

Any travel buddies?  The enchanting Michael (husband) Selbach.

Local weather is like… gloriously sunny and warm.

What’s the packing strategy?  Take as little as possible.

How many bags and suitcases? One large knapsack for clothes, one messenger bag for computer etc.

Are you checking in or carrying on? Carry on; faster and can’t afford to lose my outfit for the big night.

What’s in it?  One fabulous outfit for the big event including talisman necklaces, one sleek casual look, a super casual option, a pair of shoes for each and a bag of lotions and potions. Laptop, ipad, phone etc. nut mix, and my camera set up–because you never know when you’ll meet an amazing woman, be able to talk her out of her clothes and capture her for future paintings.

When you’re in the airport… going through Security: hope for the TSA Precheck lane. At the terminal: veg out, my husband likes to get to the airport 2 hours early.

Before getting on a flight, you… read old New York Times magazine sections or whatever read and toss material I have set aside.

Do you use any travel aids?  A variety of herbal tea.

Any travel splurge? Indulging in the local color, art and cuisine.

Do you use any travel apps or checklists? It’s called the scribbled, final check ‘do-not-forget list’ before leaving the house

The book you’re bringing is… a copy of PoetsArtists, ‘The Artists Gaze: Seeing Women in the 21st Century’, to have all the artists at the opening sign.

Are you a prep packer or last minute type?  The day before.

Never leave home without… face cream.

Any rituals or guilty pleasures you do?  Comfy clothes in flight.

Have you ever missed a flight?  Once flying out of Germany a good friend and I were in a small first class lounge. The front desk (mere feet away) announced passengers by name on when to hit the gates for boarding. We’re completely blissing out, chilling and drinking mega doses of delicious chamomile tea to set ourselves up for a sleepy flight. Eventually concerned that our flight was delayed we checked in with the front desk. They’d been repeatedly calling our names and we realized their pronunciation was so dramatically German we didn’t hear them at all! So we booked the next flight out and went back to our chamomile daze.

Any tips for fellow travelers you find helpful?  Drink lots of water, stay open and dive in to the local culture.


Carry on bag #1 (Timbuk2 black and red messenger bag, not pictured): assorted teas, carrying cards, comb, handbag, iPad mini, magazine catalog of the show still in it’s shrink-wrap, Moleskin notebook, Mychelle mini-concealer and lipsticks, Nikon D5000 SLR, reading material, plugs & wires for maintaining an Apple-assorted connection, and trail mix prepared by the hubby (those are his initials).


Carry on bag #2 (The North Face red and black with wide strap, not pictured): Outfit #1- V-neck T with embroidered cargos, belt and walking sandals, Outfit #1-Vince Tunic sweater, Paige jeans, Jesus sandals, Outfit #3-Martin Margiela apron dress, my lucky charm(s) necklaces, strapless bra for the girls, strappy wedges, and an arsenal of belts (2) makeup bag with makeup & skincare (I like Mychelles, in case you haven’t figured it out), underwear (3 pairs) and Prada wallet. The tube’s used for rolling up the dress and clothing, it’s a trick I learned from rolling canvases for shipping.

Victoria’s work can be seen at

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